Sep 14, 2014

The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center - Art with a sense of Humor

Relaxing end to the weekend. Attended the "Art with a Sense of Humor" exhibit. Met some local artists with their humorous artwork.


Painting of Velvet Bullfighter, Vellum Painting, Lent by Rick Griffin


Newport News Portrait Photography - ArtBphotography Inc. - Katya's Photo Session

Portrait Photography Session in Newport News with Katya.
Katya looked very good in her tight jeans and a white blouse. She was a perfect model to work with!

Sep 9, 2014

Family Portrait Photography - Siblings Photosession

Siblings photo shoot with Amilia and Gabriel, Yorktown, VA

Part of a family portrait photography is photographing siblings together. The most challenging thing is to keep children next to each other in order to capture them smiling in one frame.
And it even looks like they like each other. LOL

Sep 8, 2014

Vintage Baby Photography

Vintage Baby Photography by Hampton Roads Family Portrait Photographer, Beata Whitehead


Sep 1, 2014

Northern Gannet Colony - Bonaventure Island

One of my summer vacation trips - Bonaventure Island,  home to one of the largest colonies of Northern Gannets in the world with 95,600 birds in 2011. 

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