Nov 22, 2009

Willow Pond Charity Event 11/14/2009

BEATA PHOTOGRAPHY - proud sponsor of:
New Hope Rescue
"Rescuing Equines and Others"

Willow Pond Charity Event to Benefit NEW HOPE RESCUE
November 14th, 2009

New Hope Rescue Charity Event

New Hope Rescue Charity Event


Right now, what NEW HOPE RESCUE needs most to help the animals are the
It doesn't have to be top quality-they have goats and cows that will relish more stemmy hay. It does, however, need to be dry and mold-free. They can pick up - if you need to clean out last year's hay to make room for new hay.January, February and March are the hardest months. If you cannot donate any hay, please consider sponsoring even one bag of chopped forage, hay cubes, or hay stretcher pellets.


They mainly use Triple Crown horse feeds: Senior and Complete. Each bag costs around $16.They have a feed fund set up; you can send a donation to cover a certain
number of bags and mark it "feed donation". Or, you can call our nearest feed store, Hayseed's Feed, directly and order some food:
Also: Reliance Hay Stretcher Pellet,Triple Crown alfalfa cubes

Look in your tack room....they always needs blankets.They have a wonderful seamstress who can take an old, holey blanket and fix it right up! So don't throw it away!They always need brushes... buckets... fly spray... old halters... fly masks.
Most of their older horses are on some kind of joint supplement. Consider donating a month's supply of a glucosamine/MSM supplement.

They always have vet bills, farrier bills, and hay and feed bills
to pay off... please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

Contact info:

New Hope Rescue
PO Box 412
Providence Forge, VA 23140

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